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Customizing the FirstClass look

Setting FirstClass preferences
You can customize how FirstClass behaves in a number of ways. For example, you can change default fonts, apply background pictures to forms, connect to a particular window, and create an automatic reply for mail.
To change a preference:
1       Choose Edit > Preferences.
2102006_15942_1.png        Mac
Choose FirstClass > Preferences.
2       Click the tab on the Preferences form that contains the preference you want to change.
3       Make the change.
To change a preference without closing the Preferences form, click Apply.
To reset all preferences to the FirstClass defaults, click Default.
When you click Default, all your preferences will be reset, not just the ones showing on the visible tab.

Setting your time zone
By default, your client displays dates and times in the same time zone as your server. It does not use the time clock on your computer.
If you are in a different time zone than your server, you will need to adjust your client's time zone so that dates and times display in your local time. To do this, choose the appropriate time zone at "Time zone" in your preferences. Make sure you choose the time zone that applies to your exact location.
7202010_20004_0.png        Note
FirstClass automatically adjusts for standard and daylight savings times.

Using custom resources
Both you and your administrator can add resources to customize FirstClass. These resources can be:

picture files
Picture files can be used as backgrounds in a container's window panes.
resource files (.rez)
A resource file is normally added by your administrator. It can contain customized pictures, icons, forms, and sounds.

There are several ways to add custom resources:
•       your administrator can store them on the server
•       you can add them to the FirstClass Images folder on your computer
•       both of you can add them to a container's Rules & Resources folder
•       you can add them from a settings file.
Normally, FirstClass will retrieve a new resource that is stored on your server as you need it. If you don't see a new resource that you know has been stored on the server, you may already have an outdated version of that resource in the settings file you use to log in, and FirstClass may be using that older version. To see the new resource, clear the outdated one out of your settings file.
Clearing outdated resources from your settings file
Clearing resources does not affect the connection information that is stored in your settings file.
To clear resources from your settings file, so that your FirstClass client can retrieve newer versions on the server:
1       Open the FirstClass Login form.
7202010_20004_0.png        Note
Don't log in. You can't clear resources from your settings file while you are connected to the server.
2       Make sure the settings file you want to clear is displayed at "Address".
3       Click Setup.
4       Click Flush Cache.
Adding resources to a Rules & Resources folder
You can add resources to a container's Rules & Resources folder, then use those resources to customize the look of the container, just as your administrator customizes containers.
The advantage to storing resources in a container's Rules & Resources folder, instead of in a settings file or your client's Images folder, is that FirstClass keeps track of the version of any resources in the Rules & Resources folder.
This means that FirstClass will automatically update any resource when it detects that someone trying to view the resource has a copy that is older than the version in the Rules & Resources folder. You won't have to clear outdated resources from your settings file.
To add a picture file to a container's Rules & Resources folder:
1       Select or open the container.
2       Choose Collaborate > Rules.
3       Drag the picture file to the Rules & Resources folder.
Adding resources from another settings file
If you have a settings file (for example, one sent by your administrator) that contains new resources, you can add those resources to the settings file with which you normally log in. These resources will then be available to you when you use FirstClass.
To add resources from another settings file:
1       Log into FirstClass using the settings file that you want to update.
2       Double-click the settings file that contains the updates.
If this settings file is attached to a message, you can double-click it directly from the message.
3       Click Update at the Resource Updater form.
7202010_20004_0.png        Note
If the settings file is large or you are on a slow connection, you may have to wait for this form to open.

Customizing FirstClass for your web browser
You can customize how FirstClass will look, and the features available to you, when you use a web browser to connect to your server. This only affects your own view.
7202010_20004_0.png        Note
Your administrator determines the appearance and features that will be available to web browsers. Depending on what your administrator has made available, your choices may not work.
To customize FirstClass for your web browser, update your web preferences.